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    Unanswered: bigint field type problem


    I am using Access 2003 to link to a table in SQL 2000 through ODBC. I realize that the bigint field in the table is causing all values in the records in the linked table in Access to be #delete instead of real data. Can anyone please help and advise how to fix it? Thanks.

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    Try adding a field called Time_Stamp to the SQL Server data table and set it's field type as TIMESTAMP. (Note: You may have to delete and re-link the table.)

    Also make sure you have a field defined as int on SQL Server (similar to an autonumber field in MSAccess) and set the identity = Yes. Don't forget to set up a primary key if one doesn't exist (ie. the field you don't want duplicates on.)

    You can also just try refreshing your linked tables. Sometimes I would try re-creating the ODBC DSN. You also want to make sure that ALL users who utilize the application have the EXACT same ODBC DSN name on everyone's computer.

    I can't recall if updating the MDAC on the machine(s) had anything to do with this problem or not (I experienced it several times years ago and troubleshot different reasons.) There may also have been some kind of service pack for it if it was ODBC related. You'll want to research this more.

    You can also try just a "Refresh" or even re-indexing on the SQL Server table itself in the Enterprise Manager.
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    Actually now, I cannot change the bigint field to int field type. Is there other solution or workaround? Thanks.

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    Do you try to convert a bigint to an int in a table on the server from the server or in Access?
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