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    Question Unanswered: Informix -> Mysql synchronization


    How is it possible to synchronize two databases Informix -> Mysql?
    Database contains something about 10 tables and two of them have ~100.000 records, synchronization interval should be 10minutes.

    Is there any tool that could detect changes and convert them to SQL92 and send those changes to mysql?

    Or maybe is it possible to use triggers to solve the problem?

    Thank you

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    short answer , NO...

    But, if you buy the Informix Gateway you can access the mysql from Informix and maybe use triggers (i don't know the limits of IDS Gateway)
    IBM - Informix Enterprise Gateway Manager - Add-on Overview

    I don't know if on mysql you can access Informix with ODBC (my guess is yes, you can).

    On version 11.50 of Informix have a new feature called , Change Data Capture , what is a interface to capture information on-line on Informix, or something like that. I don't study about it yet... but to do this you probably will need coding in C .
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