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    Unanswered: all of my MySQL tables are lowecase

    Hi experts,

    i need some help.

    I have instaled latest WAMP utility(Apache+PHP+MySQL).

    I have Windows XP installed on my PC.

    The problem is that , all table names are lowercase. I want, if it's possible to be case sensitive (lowercase or/and uppercase). Is this possible?

    Any help/hint would be appreciated.

    Thanx in advance.

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    for MySQL on MS Windows is case insenstivie, on *nix its case sensitive, the origins and histroy go back a long long way

    so if your create script created tables with mixed case the tables should be mixed case but only displayed as lower case.

    the problem comes when you run the server on a case sensitive platform, there is a possibility that you will have problems
    so the resolution to my mind is either to only use lower case
    have your db server run on a similar server to the production server
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    my PC act like development system but on production server is installed Linux... and in PHP code it's more readable if i write table names uppercase.

    but the problem is when i export queryies from my PC ... in SQL queryies, table names are lowercase.

    this is the reason for which i want that on my PC all table names to be uppercase.

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    Personally I name all my objects in lower case only. It is one of the rules I have the team follow on all our new developments (on existing ones we follow the convention in place per db, for consistency).
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    use all lower case for identifiers, all upper case for sql keywords | @rudydotca
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    Using mixed-case for your identifiers is fine, as long as it remains consistent throughout your project.

    If you think that will be hard to accomplish, just use lower-case.

    But in any case, if you are working on a Windows based MySQL server, always double check your identifiers are in fact correctly spelled.

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