I have an Excel spreadsheet that I'm using as the database for a mail merge, and it includes strings that basically become columns in a table when merged. This can make for some very long strings (well over 255 characters, in some cases). Now, I'm using an external application with the merge that allows me to fax the merge. Here's my conundrum: if I use the OLE DB method to connect the data, it works with the external app but cuts off after 255 characters; if I use the DDE or ODBC method, it brings in all the information but the external app won't read it.

I'm relatively new to databases and mail merges, and after exhausting various Internet resources, I don't know where to go next with this. I read about the "memo" (vs. "string") format that exists in Access; is there a way to define a cell to have that format within the Excel spreadsheet? Is there a better solution that I just don't know about yet?