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    Windward launches Ver. 8 .NET & Java reporting software w/ native connectivity to DB2

    Windward Reports is launching Version 8 of their popular reporting engine. It runs on Both .NET and Java platforms. It has native connectivity to all major databases including DB2. With our new SQL wizard, making sql queries is as easy as drag and drop. Windward will automatically join tables, perform 'GROUP BY' and 'ORDER BY', and filter using comparative statements with an easy to use interface. This is accomplished by utilizing the meta data from the database to help guide our wizard in creating the fastest and most efficient queries possible.
    Companies need a powerful, secure enterprise-level .NET reporting engine to back their critical reporting and document generation systems.

    The Windward Engine installs easily, runs on one or more servers as part of your server-based application, and can easily produce hundreds of thousands of reports per day on a single server. The server is a pure .NET product (and also is available as Java/J2EE).

    Our engine provides unlimited amounts of flexibility because variables can be passed into sql queries at runtime.

    Even better news for you guys: When combined with the Windward report design tools AutoTag and AutoTag Max, users design, schedule and run reports from within Microsoft Office. That means you can turn over reporting to the business group and get back to more interesting work.

    You don't have to take my word for it. Check out our robust .NET and Java reporting engine for yourself.

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