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    Unanswered: privs/roles revoked while the non-dba user is connected already

    Hi *,

    I am using Oracle on Windows XP and I was wondering what should happen to a non-dba user who has its SELECT privileges on certain sys tables revoked by the admin (sysdba) while he (n.r. the non-dba user) is connected already.
    I am using a management tool (DBArtisan) and use 2 instances of the program simultaneously. On one of them I'm connected with sys/sysdba, and on the other instance of the tool, with non-dba user having the roles/privs just enough for him to be able to view all the tables on the server.
    I use the former instance of the program to revoke the privileges of the non-dba user, but I am still able to browse the tables with the non-dba user. After I disconnect and reconnect again, I see that I don't have enough privileges and the tables don't get populated in the management tool. (which is what I expect to happen in the first place, right after revoking the privileges)
    Is this the correct behavior for the management tool? Is it a bug?

    Thank you

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    I'm sure the "management tool" caches the catalog information, so it wouldn't notice if you revoked user privileges until the moment you refresh this information.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    It's a bug.

    Oracle check your privileges to access a table each time you access it.

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