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    Unanswered: TOOLSDB fails on install of DB2ese9.7 on AIX 6.1

    db2licm -l
    Product name: "DB2 Enterprise Server Edition"
    License type: "License not registered"
    Expiry date: "License not registered"
    Product identifier: "db2ese"
    Version information: "9.7"

    I attempted to install DB2 V9.7 on an AIX 6.1 machine.
    I ran out of room in my /home directory, so the TOOLSDB was not created.
    I then attempted to run db2setup again and again it failed but the reason is rather odd.

    The return value (4) for the failure was a Bad Date format. Any ideas?

    # cat db2setup.log

    DB2 Setup log file started at: Wed Sep 23 15:28:28 CDT 2009 CDT
    ================================================== ==========

    Operating system information: AIX 6.1

    Product to install: DB2 Enterprise Server Edition
    Installation type: Typical

    Previously Installed Components:
    Base client support
    Java support
    SQL procedures
    Base server support
    IBM Software Development Kit (SDK) for Java(TM)
    Connect support
    Communication support - TCP/IP
    Replication tools
    DB2 data source support
    DB2 LDAP support
    DB2 Instance Setup wizard
    Control Server
    DB2 Update Service
    First Steps
    Sample database source
    Selected Components:

    English (already installed )

    Target directory: /opt/IBM/db2/V9.7

    Space required: 0 MB
    Install SA MP: No

    Existing instances to configure:
    Instance name: db2inst1
    Start instance on reboot: Yes
    Instance user information:
    User name: db2inst1
    UID: 204
    Group name: db2iadm1
    Home directory: /home/db2inst1

    DB2 tools catalog:
    Name: TOOLSDB
    Schema: SYSTOOLS
    Instance: db2inst1
    Location: Local

    Response file name: /tmp/db2eseversion6.rsp

    Installing DB2 file sets :.......Success
    Setting DB2 library path :.......Success
    Installing or updating SA MP :.......Success
    Executing control tasks :.......Success
    Updating global registry :.......Success
    Updating the db2ls link :.......Success
    Registering DB2 licenses :.......Success
    Setting default global profile registry variables :.......Success
    The Fast Connection Manager (FCM) base port was not specified for the instance
    "db2inst1". Default parameters will be used.

    The maximum number of logical nodes was not specified for the instance
    "db2inst1". Default parameters will be used.

    Initializing instance list :.......Success
    Configuring DB2 instances :.......Success
    Building list of databases to create :.......Success
    Creating DB2 databases :.......Success
    Configuring the DB2 Administration Server :.......Success
    Updating global profile registry :.......Success
    ERROR: SQL0443N Routine "" (specific name "") has returned an error SQLSTATE with
    diagnostic text "".

    ERROR: An error occurred while running the command
    "/home/db2inst1/sqllib/bin/db2 CREATE TOOLS CATALOG SYSTOOLS USE EXISTING
    DATABASE TOOLSDB FORCE" to initialize and/or upgrade the DB2 tools catalog
    database. The return value is "4".

    Creating DB2 tools catalog :.......Failure
    WARNING: A minor error occurred while installing "DB2 Enterprise Server Edition
    " on this computer. Some features may not function correctly.

    Post Install Recommendations

    Optional steps:
    To validate your installation files, instance, and database functionality, run the Validation Tool, /opt/IBM/db2/V9.7/bin/db2val. For more information, see "db2val" in the DB2 Information Center.

    Open First Steps by running "db2fs" using a valid user ID such as the DB2 instance owner's ID. You will need to have DISPLAY set and a supported web browser in the path of this user ID.

    You should ensure that you have the correct license entitlements for DB2 products and features installed on this machine. Each DB2 product or feature comes with a license certificate file (also referred to as a license key) that is distributed on an Activation CD, which also includes instructions for applying the license file. If you purchased a base DB2 product, as well as, separately priced features, you might need to install more than one license certificate. The Activation CD for your product or feature can be downloaded from Passport Advantage if it is not part of the physical media pack you received from IBM. For more information on licensing, search the Information Center (IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Information Center) using terms such as "licensing" or "db2licm".

    Verify that you have access to the DB2 Information Center based on the choices you made during this installation. If you performed a typical or a compact installation, verify that you can access the IBM Web site using the internet. If you performed a custom installation, verify that you can access the DB2 Information Center location specified during the installation.

    Review the response file created at /tmp/db2eseversion6.rsp. Additional information about response file installation is available in the DB2 documentation under "Installing DB2 using a response file".

    DB2 Setup log file finished at: Wed Sep 23 15:46:09 CDT 2009 CDT
    ================================================== ==========

    This was the response file generated when I attempted to 'writeover'
    the previous install where I had run out of room and the toolsDB failed.

    * Generated response file used by the DB2 Setup wizard
    * generation time: 9/23/09 3:33 PM
    * Product Installation
    FILE = /opt/IBM/db2/V9.7
    * Das properties
    * toolsDB properties
    DATABASE = toolsDB
    toolsDB.INSTANCE = inst1
    toolsDB.LOCATION = Local
    * ----------------------------------------------
    * Instance properties
    * ----------------------------------------------
    INSTANCE = inst1
    inst1.TYPE = ese
    * Instance-owning user
    inst1.NAME = db2inst1
    inst1.UID = 204
    inst1.GROUP_NAME = db2iadm1
    inst1.HOME_DIRECTORY = /home/db2inst1
    inst1.AUTOSTART = YES
    * Installed Languages
    LANG = EN
    * ITM Agent

    and that is all that is in the file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccramer
    ERROR: An error occurred while running the command
    "/home/db2inst1/sqllib/bin/db2 CREATE TOOLS CATALOG SYSTOOLS USE EXISTING DATABASE TOOLSDB FORCE" to initialize and/or upgrade the DB2 tools catalog database. The return value is "4".
    Clearly, if the database TOOLSDB was not created, this command will fail. If for some reason you do not wish to create TOOLSDB manually, I suggest you de-install DB2 and start over.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    Problems with toolsdb create during the install has been a common problem for a while. I would just create it after the install.
    M. A. Feldman
    IBM Certified DBA on DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows
    IBM Certified DBA on DB2 for z/OS and OS/390

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