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    Unanswered: report from a from with unbound text value.

    Here is my problem, hope someone can give me some direction

    1) I want to print a contract.
    2) The ContractForm update the value to the tblContract table
    3) the tblContract table only store needed information, NOT all information from the ContractForm
    4) Well, in the ContractForm, user will be presented 2 names to choose from for the contact person for the contract ( try to say that 10 times fast :-)).

    5) When user pick the contact person he likes (a check box will be checked for that choosen contact person), the form will automatic populated the rest of the information of the choosen contact person: e.g. email, phone, address and etc.

    6) the control box holds these email, phone, address and etc are unbound box.

    7) My form always present the correct contact person for each contract base on the check box field of each contact person from the tblClient.

    8) Now, my problem is when I try to print that contract. My report will query the tblcontract which does not have all the contact person information: address, phone and etc.

    Now, I am thinking if I can somehow just before I click my print button on the ContractForm, I can run a query to upload the current form value (all the bounded controls and unbounded controls) to a temparory table. THEN, I can run my report against that temparory table. However, I don't know how to upload all the control value in a form to a temporary table.
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    Look at "DemoRptUnbA2000.mdb" (attachment, zip).
    Open Form1 and try.
    I think it is what you need.
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    It is. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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