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    Question Unanswered: replication capture tablespace

    hi all

    i have sql replication in which i have created a separate tablespace for
    capture tables as currently as per syscat.tables
    select npages/1024 as MB, tabname from syscat.tables where tbspaceid = 16

    the size of npages is 1154
    but the list tablespaces show detail shows like this
    Total pages = 7119467
    Useable pages = 7119467
    Used pages = 7119467
    Free pages = Not applicable
    High water mark (pages) = Not applicable
    Page size (bytes) = 4096
    Extent size (pages) = 32
    Prefetch size (pages) = 32
    Number of containers = 1
    Minimum recovery time = 2009-09-07-

    COULD this bcoz i have not done reorg on this tables since it was created.
    could that be the reason its show this size

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    Do you have any indexes defined on your capture tables? If so, you need to include them in your calculation. Any tables with LOB/long columns?

    The main reason why the numbers of pages in the catalog (assuming runstats are current) and list tablespaces won't match is because the catalog doesn't include storage occupied by LOBs/long (if you have them). It also doesn't include storage occupied by non-leaf index pages (if you have indexes).

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    thanx bella

    no i don,t have LOB/long column
    yes capture tables do have indexes and
    as you said non leaf indexes details don,t go in into catalog tables
    could be the reason

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