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    Lightbulb website idea


    i'm a biology student and very new to coding

    i'm trying to make a website that will categorize and index documentaries (from usenet and p2p)non profit project

    managed to make a table like this one frequency decoder ~ table sort (revisited) demo in dreamweaver

    and now i'm trying to make checkboxes that will hide/show the columns ,cause i want to make a column for everything like bitrate,resolution,rating etc etc , and like this you could hide the columns thatyou're not interested atm so that the page doesnt get to wide , but it's hard cause it's a dynamic table plus i'm using the script from above

    could someone help me with this ?
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    A try:
    if I understand right, the structure is a one table with show/hide info.

    Put all the information in one table.
    it is not db structure question, it is javascript question about implements the SQL code:

    "SELECT * FROM tableName ORDER BY columnName "

    *you need client side script to make it like on your example.
    ** I didn't try it with javaScript but this is the sql code.


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    thanks for the reply , the project has been postponed , even though i think i know how to make this happen , maybe no the best solution but this is what i thought of

    make a page for every possible combination of columns and with a slidebox give the user the chance to chose what order he wants the colums or which columns he wants to see

    i still didnt find any web developers willing to collaborate with me on this project

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