Hi. I'll try to keep this simple. I have to create a Nuclear Instrumentation Quality Control report (MS Access 2007) that prints multiple rows under the following field headings: Date, Range, Observed, Setting, By. The Observed, Setting and By row values will all be blank (filled in by user after report is printed). The Date has to populate row by row (day by day) based on a date range supplied by the user through a form. This I'm not sure how to do. Based on that row's date the Range value will show a calculated value based on the decay of a certain isotope. I think I can figure this range value out once I understand how to populated the date.

I know there is vb involved with a likely loop. Can anyone help me with this code to kick me off in the right direction? Thanks in advance. I would classify myself as a beginner by the way. If it helps the report layout would look something like below:

03/25/08 2782 to 3220 _________ ________ _____
03/26/08 2780 to 3218 _________ ________ _____
and so forth.....until the EndDate given by the user on a form.