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    Unanswered: Hand held PC/Scanner w/ Access

    I realize similar questions have been asked, but I think this one is a little more specific and demanding. I've had a really hard time trying to find an exact program for this application. I'm looking for a software that can bridge the gap between a hand held scanner and access for an example such as the one below:
    *note: programming isn't an option. i'm looking for an off the shelf or down loadable software. the basic requirements are: works with access, works with bar code scanning, is capable of custom reporting (creating questions on the PC and transferring them off the hand held PC)*

    this is the most basic way i can explain.......................

    -a QA operator sits down at his desk.
    -he needs to compile some statistics about the 27 office telephones at work.
    -he powers on his PC and opens microsoft access.
    -he creates 3 questions using access:
    -does the phone have a dial tone?
    -does the phone's intercom function work?
    -can the phone dial out of area?
    -he hooks up his hand held pc/scanner to his computer.
    -using software 'x', he transfers his questions from access on to his barcode scanner.
    -he unplugs the scanner.
    -he walks over to the first phone and scans a barcode located on its surface.
    -the barcode opens up the questions he created in access on to his hand held pc/scanner.
    -he goes down the list and answers the questions using the scanners key pad:
    -does the phone have a dial tone? yes
    -does the phone's intercom function work? yes
    -can the phone dial out of area? no
    -the phone appears to be fully functioning, but doesn't dial out of area.
    -the answers are stored and he proceeds to the next phone.
    -he again, scans the barcode on the phone, goes through the questions, answers them, and stores the data.
    -he proceeds to do this for the remaining 25 phones.
    -after the 27th phone he connects the hand held pc/scanner back to his computer.
    -he opens up software 'x' and tells it to open the data from the scanner into microsoft access.
    -microsoft accel opens up and all of the data from the scanner is in an organized report fashion, ready to be analyzed.
    -he prints out the information and shows it to his boss.
    -his boss sees that 2 of the phones do not have dial tones and one does not dial out of area.
    -he orders two new phones and contacts IT about the one that doesn't dial out of area.
    -job well done.
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    Check into a company called MTM. There's a product they support (I can't recall the name offhand) but we use this product in junction with our scanner to scan thousands of documents. It has OCR recognizition, bar-coding, verification, as well as document management. It can create/write/read to MSAccess or ODBC data sources (ie. SQL Server.) It also can easily produce image files of the scanform (ie. TIFF) and has many, many other features.

    I'm not sure though if they have something to connect directly to handheld scanners but we use it for document scanning.

    Here's there link if you're interested:
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