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    Unanswered: Access: Is there a scripting language for Access?

    Hello all,

    Does Access have a scripting language?

    I need to loop through the items in one table and place in another table, then export the result table into CSV file format.

    conceptually, i think i would have to import both access tables into a new access table, then use that new table setup to arrange the 'common' fields as needed. then i would export the resulting table via CVS file format.

    this is for eCommerce use, i.e. import eBay items into my 1AND1 eShop via a CVS file. this will be done from time to time.

    thanks for your suggestions.


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    You can program in Access using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), SQL or a mix of both. Every object from VBScript can be used in VBA too.

    There is also a possibility of writing macros but you'd better stay away from that.
    Have a nice day!

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