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    Question Unanswered: [Access 2003] Updating DAP source via VBA

    Hey guys n gals,

    Well letís dive straight into the problem Iím having.

    [Warning] Look out! Massive wall of text! Skip to the bold part to find out what Iím looking for. [/Warning]

    I recently created a simple database for a company connected with the off shore industry (oil rigs and that sorta thing). Iíve already been paid and theyíre happy with what Iíve created so donít worry, Iím not asking you to do the work for me whilst I collect the pay check! I just think there is a better way to do what I have done but canít quite figure out how so would like some help and guidance.

    The task was to create a system which allows for the printing off of flight information from 1 of 3 websites depending on where the user was. You can have a look at one of the sites here Bristow . If you grab the flight information for Aberdeen from that site youíll see a table come up that holds all the information needed.

    What I came up with was a table linked to a spreadsheet where the user copy and pastes the table from the webpage. Hereís a quick example:

    User needs flight information for tomorrow printed off

    Open database
    A form pops up with several buttons, user presses ĎOpen Spreadsheetí
    The spreadsheet the flight table is linked to opens.
    User copy and pastes information from web to spreadsheet, saves and closes.
    Database manipulates the data a little for formatting purposes.
    User presses preview buttons on form to check everything is ok for printing.
    User presses print buttons on forms to print the information needed (in form of reports)


    Now this may seem easy enough to me and you but the some of the people this is made for arenít as computer literate as us and have trouble with the copy and pasting part which is fair enough since the information needs to be in the right place on the spreadsheet for the database to work as planned and putting it in the wrong place causes all sorts of unavoidable and uncorrectable errors.

    So despite the company still being happy with what Iíve created (itís a damn sight faster than hand writing everything and the less computery people will learn how to use it eventually) Iíd still prefer to improve it, more for my own pride in my work and learning for future than for the company.

    I think my solution lies in Data Access Pages and I have managed to create a linked table to a local copy of the Bristow site above which grabs the required information however this isnít of any use as the webpage changes on a daily bases and my users wonít know how to save it locally.

    So really what I need is table which is linked to a Data Access Page with a source which I can change via VBA so that I can put the required date in via user input, fire that to the php page and have the correct page return to collect the information from.

    Can anyone help me with this or point me to a guide on it? Every term Iíve tried searching with brings up mountains of information on related yet not helpful subjects.

    The company uses Access 2003 and I canít change or get access to any of the php on the websites that weíre collecting information from.

    Cheers to everyone who read this and for any help, sorry for the mass of text but Iím trying to make it as clear as possible instead of ďI NEEDZZ HELP!11!1!Ē

    Ryan fae Scotland

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    Well someone suggested streaming all the webpage and stripping out the html tags and unwanted strings but this seams like more of a hack than the proper solution, anyone got anything to add?


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