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    Which database software to use?

    Hi everybody,

    I am a new member in this forum and I would like to ask you a question.

    Until now, I've worked only with Microsoft Access to create databases. Now, I need to create a large database that will contain students records of an university and will be managed by more than 2 persons.

    Can you suggest me whitch software/ tool to use in order to make it. Even if its something that I don't have any clue, I'm ready to start learning and doing it.


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    Can you use Access to build it?

    Seriously, Access is a good tool and has pretty reasonable scaling capabilities. It cannot manage more than 20 or so [B]concurrent[/B[ connections, which is more than most people need.

    Access also makes a very quick and easy to develop front end to most databases.

    What are your reasons for thinking that Access is not a viable platform? Let us know your thoughts and we'll see what we can come up with
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    First of all, thank you for quick reply

    Second,... I would like to start and learn from a beginning and Access is not my favorite. I heard some of my friends saying that Visual Studio is cool. What I need to do is to create a database with the name and all details about a thousands of students, about their grades in each academic year and so on.

    Since, I don't know what other softwares/ tool offer, I asked anyone of you who have experience to help me in this. Which is the best choice for me?
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    if you are just starting out on the db developmentn trail then Access may well be a smarter choice than other tools. you could alos try Filemaker and the db that comes with Open office.

    Visual studio is a great tool for developing large scale applications. if you are familiar with which ever .NET language then fien use it.

    the learning curve to get something working will be shallower in Access or one of the other 'desktop' development tools than any general purpose language (except possibly Delphi).

    whetehr something is 'cool' or not is largely irrelevant, what matters is what tools you have available, what experience you have, and if you are just starting out what resources can you draw on to get to where you want to be. one thing I woudl say is that this forum isn't the best resource fro someone starting from scratch, although we try to help we don't really do teaching, helping yes, but not teaching from basics.
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    Access may be perfectly capable of storing the number of records, and handling the number of users you need (with appropriate care in your access - using disconnected recordsets whenever possible, for instance)

    But, if this is an actual real-world application, I wouldn't think that Access would support the real-world security requirements to ensure that users cannot access (or change) private data that they shouldn't, and a more secure back end would be appropriate. It could be fine, from a prototyping viewpoint, though, to test many of your concepts.
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    So, which software do you prefer me?

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    Try SQL SERVER. if you want to move on from Access. But remember that SQL server needs more RAM and resources.

    SQL server has an express version whiuch is free for less than 5 users (I think).


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