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    Unanswered: change user password without old password

    Please i am a newbie to sybase, i want to change a user password
    Not SA password just one of the users on the database.
    I know that i change the password as SA if i know the old password using the syntax below:

    sp_password oldpassword newpassword loginname

    How do i change or reset the user password if i do not know the old password or the user has forgotten the old password.

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    If you want to change your own password: sp_password oldpassword, newpassword
    If you want to change someone else's password, you have to have the SSO-role enabled for yourself:
    sp_password yourpassword, new_pasword_for_user_you_want_to_change loginname_of_user_you_want_to_change
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    SSO stands for System Security Officer, that's different to System Administrator. If the original user has forgotten their password, only the SSO (not SA) can change their password.
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    Thank you for the response , I tried it and it worked

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