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    Unanswered: Aging Buckets

    I need help in creating aging buckets in access:
    Current, >=30days, >=60days, >=90days, >120days

    I have two tables - tblrequests is what we send out to the collection agency
    tblcollections is what the collection agency collects on our behalf. There are two columns in that table - one paid to agency and one paid to us. I've created a query to add those two columns - qrysumbycustomercollections. Another query is created to sum all the requests sent out to the collection agency - qrysumbycustomerrequests. A third query is created to give me the outstanding balance due by each customer. This needs to be divided into aging buckets.

    I have attached by file for reference

    I would appreciate any help.

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    Which field (date) do you want to use for the aging buckets?

    I'd also make some assumptions to do this, can you please confirm that I've got it right...
    You will end up with an extra field in your last query that shows which bucket the record falls into (possibly also in the other queries, depending on where the date is coming from).
    Your buckets are actually:
    <60days and >=30days
    <90days and >=60days
    <120days and >=90days

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    Or maybe...

    IIF(datDateField<=Now()+30,fldAmountField, 0) AS 30DaysAmount,
    IIF(datDateField> Now()+30 AND <=()+60, fldAmountField, 0) AS 60DaysAmount,
    IIF(datDateField > Now()+60 AND <=Now()+90, fldAmountField, 0) AS 90DaysAmount,
    IIF(datDateField >Now()+90, fldAmountField, 0) AS 120PlusDaysAmount
    FROM YourTableOrQuery

    (If you have an SQL backend, use CASE statements and GetDate() instead)

    CASE WHEN datDate<=GetDate()+30 Then fldAmountField ELSE 0 END as 30DaysAmount...etc

    You can then use these amounts in summation for reports.
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    How about datefield mod 30?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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