Let me first state that we have successfully implemented a project that involved conversion from DB2 Private Protocol to DRDA access.

We followed the concept given in http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infoce...bjnqmstr04.htm

But, then the DBA of our concern asked us not to define the alias in the LOCAL location. He stressed on just defining the alias in the REMOTE location. This is violating point # 4 in the above given website.

And, much to our surprise the BIND job ended with a Return Code of 4 and the COBOL+DB2 program ran successfully. That is very puzzling following the fundamentals of DRDA.

If there is no LOCAL ALIAS then how is the program able to find out
the exact LOCATION of the remote table. There are other related questions as well.

Could you please throw some light on this issue so that we may resolve this problem? We still believe that the LOCAL aliases are must.

Thanks & Regards,