Hello everyone!

So I'm new to the whole database world and although I'm a quick learner, things are going really slow for me. I don't have anyone in my office that has ever used Access before and I'm trying to teach myself so any help you can offer would be aprpeciated.

I'm working on a database for tracking two sets of contacts and possibly linking them together. I live in the Seattle area and this winter they are predicting major flooding through the Kent/Auburn Valley - possibly similar to the Hurricane Katrina event a few years ago. I am hoping to start heading up an organization effort to connect families living in the valley with families living on the hills so that in the event of a flood they would have a place to stay for a few weeks/months while they are rebuilding.

So I figured it would be helpful to not only use Access for this project but also for other applications at work. I work in Construction Management so I will probably begin using Access for some of our clients to organize marketing and contacts, etc.

I'm excited to learn more and am so glad I found this website!