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    Unanswered: peer review of design / suggestions

    I've been struggling to learn Access for awhile now, which usually forces me to run back into the arms of Excel where I'm secure and happy.

    I've tried to create a little database to track job duties for someone and while I feel like I did it correctly, I'm just not so sure. Here is what the goal is and how I did it...

    Goal: To track how long it took a person to do certain tasks, and to be able to create assignment sheets that list the tasks a person is meant to do.

    1) There is a list of employees in the department. Each employee is assigned a job description; however, an employee can have more than one job description.

    2) Each task is assigned to a job description, and only to one job description. Each task also has a recommended time to complete.

    3) Each task can be repeated several times in a day (i.e. have multiple start/finish times).

    4) Even with the structure of 1 - 3, when actual records are made to see how long it took to complete a task and who did it, the record can be for any employee. In other words, if an employee has 2 job descriptions, cook and manager, but they can do a task that is not associated with either of those job descriptions.

    Structure Summary: #1 to #3 are basically for creating assignment sheets and reporting. #4 is basically independent, in that it's just a record of who did what task, and how long they took to do it.

    I might feel this is wrong because I don't understand exactly how the data is going to be put into the tables (via forms) yet. The data in each table now was hand entered.


    I've included my database as an attachment, but for anyone who doesn't want to bother with it, here is what I designed:

    EMPLOYEES: Table
    employeeID: PK

    responsibilityID: PK

    assignmentID: PK
    employeeID: FK
    responsibilityID: FK

    FUNCTIONS: Table
    functionID: PK
    responsibilityID: FK

    functionID: PK
    StartTime: PK

    ACTIONED: Table
    actionedID: PK
    employeeID: FK
    functionID: FK

    THANK YOU!!! (this question was originally posted at: check design / offer suggestions ? - Access World Forums)
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