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    Question Unanswered: Default SCHEMAs in Sybase.

    Hello Everyone,

    I am an Oracle professional and want to test a tool which migrates data from Sybase to Oracle. Whenever we install the default db in oracle, it comes with some default schemas containing most of the db objects like tables, procedures, functions, triggers, packages, etc.

    I want to know do we have any such default schemas in Sybase which get created while installing default Sybase ? If yes, then which r they ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    IIRC, what is termed a "schema" in the Oracle world, is termed a "database" in the Sybase world. The question is not clear (due to the differences in terminology) but I will try to answer it.

    If you are looking for a default set of objects (as per your list), that reside in a "default" database, that is created automatically whenever you create a real database, yes we have that. It is the "model" database. Anything you set up and maintain in model (except the size), will be created in your new database.

    This is used for datatypes, segments, defaults, error msgs, etc, objects that tables depend on; so that you have a standard template from which to create tables, indices, triggers. It generally does not have tables (and thus objects that are dependent on tables, such as indices and triggers); but you can have default tables that must exist in every database. Bit of duplication, if you are not careful, but you can include such objects.

    The word "most" is confusing, it is not possible to create most of the tables in a database that has not been created yet.
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    Another important database in Sybase is "master" where resides some data-dictionary tables (called system tables in Sybase):
    SyBooks Online

    This is somehow similar to Oracle SYS schema.
    Although some data-dictionary tables reside in each database:
    SyBooks Online
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