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    Lightbulb Reset Active Director of FBA password in SharePoint with Virto Tool

    Virtosoftware announces the release of its new SharePoint 2007 web part Virto Password Reset for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 that allows SharePoint users to conveniently reset their passwords.

    Virtosoftware extends its product line by offering a new web part for managing Active Directory (AD) and Form Based Authentication (FBA) user passwords. Virto Password Reset web part is a powerful and extremely simple tool for helping SharePoint users who forget their passwords or let them expire due to password security policy.

    The new web part by Virtosoftware allows such users to easily fix the issue themselves without contacting administrator by simply resetting the password via SharePoint interface. With the special code, that is available with Virto Password Reset, the web part can be integrated to any web site or intranet, not just SharePoint.

    Virto Password Reset is designed to generate by a request a new temporary password and either display it online or send by e-mail to the end user. SharePoint administrator can also restrict some users or user groups from resetting their passwords due to security or any other reason.

    Because Virto Password Reset generates just a temporary password, a user has to further change the password for the permanent one. This is can be easily done by the user with the help of another Virtosoftware web part Virto Password Changer. The bundle of these two web-parts forms a complex solution for managing AD and FBA passwords.

    The beta release of the Virto Password Reset is already available at the Virtosoftware web site at Virto Password Reset and Recovery Web Part for SharePoint. Active Directory and Form Based Authentication Password Reset.. The commercial version is to be released next week. Visit the website for more information about Microsoft SharePoint web parts by Virtosoftware, trials and demo versions as well as installation and user guides.

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    Really nice and simple tool. Already use it.

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