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    Unanswered: how to change where archive logs are being written to


    We are running ORACLE 10g on Linux.

    After running: SQL> ARCHIVE LOG LIST;
    I confirmed that our database is writing archive logs to the wrong destination folder. This needs to be changed very urgently, but I'm not sure how to do this, and since I dont have a test/dev version to play with i cant try things out so to speak.

    Can you good people please assist me with what to do?
    I've read stuff like
    SQL> alter system set log_archive_dest 'path to dest folder';
    SQL> alter system set log_archive_dest_1 = 'path to dest folder';
    so not sure which one would work.

    Also stuff about stopping and restarting the archive log process:
    SQL> alter system archive log stop;
    SQL> alter system archive log start;

    If you guys could please make sense of this for me then perhaps today wont be so bad for me and i can learn from this...

    Sorry to bug you with something so trivial, but our senior DBA is on leave and unreachable and we're in a spot of trouble here as the destination where the archive logs are currently going is basically part of the root volume and there is not enough space...

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    From the bit of help i've been able to get from various sources it would seem that the archive log move can be achieved by one of the following:

    alter system set log_archive_dest='location=/oracle/.../arch';

    alter system set log_archive_dest_1='location=/oracle/.../arch';

    I just dont know which one it should be...

    Once this executes successfully (perhaps you guys can advise as to which one it is) I then need to do an

    SQL> alter system switch logfile;

    And ensure the new location is being written to ...

    I would welcome and appreciate any comments regarding this.

    Thanks in advance

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    You can specify up to 10 archive log destinations, hence the '_1' at the end of the 'log_archive_dest'.

    You can find out info on what your archive logs are & their destinations by doing a desc of V$ARCHIVE_DEST.
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