Hello All. I have since conception been a computer geek. My father was a computer science/finance major in the 70s and has been doing computing in banking my entire life. That takes care of the Y gene for my computer genetics. My mother has been into desktop publishing since it's inception and that sums up the X gene.

I have been working on computers since age 11 and consider myself an intermediate user. I can read about something and understand it enough to being stumbling through it. I have no degree and have only held one job as a dedicated computer tech/admin, but every job I have had has always been tacked on "computer guy" label. I am now getting my degree online combining University of Phoenix and MITs OCW. I get my degree from Phoenix but I am also learning from MIT's open courseware.

My current job is in the petroleum industry and I am trying to tackle database management so that I can implement a database to make my job and the rest of the companies jobs easier when it comes to asset management.