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    Unanswered: Opening from a Master/Detail form to other


    I am using access 2007 to create a database to manage patients.

    I have a Company List which opens a Master Detail form for each listing the Patients for that Company this form is call Patients List Main.

    Patients List Main now in turns open a Master Detail form for each patient.

    Then each Patient will open another master detail from for thier prognosis and diagnosis.

    The problem i am having is when I am opening the Main Form or Main Table Primary Key is not linking. I am attaching the database here to see if someone can help i think i tried well all that i know and now seeking help.

    Not to sure if it can be down.

    Company (Primary key: COMID)
    Patients (Primary key: MMID)
    Patients Various Test

    Patients List Main =(each Patient)==> Patient Details Main

    When opening the Patient Details Main for a new Patient the COMID and MMID its not linking and its not working when I try to edit a patient as well.

    So i am attaching the file to see if someone can help me. I am desperate.

    I tried another forum but that did not help but this one came highly recommended on the net so i hoping it works out for me

    Thanks in advance for your efforts and help.

    DB Format Access 2007
    Coding Behaviour: Macros (because not to farmilar with VB)

    Actions to Follow

    Open Main Form
    Click on a Company Then click Patient List
    here is where i have my problem now
    When i click on the MMID for to edit each patient i want it to open the form Patient Details Main linking the COMID corresponding with the MMID, However whats happening its going to the last record each time no matter which record i am on.

    And when i click on New Patient I want it to add to the current COMID using the form Patient Details Main
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