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    Unanswered: Using a Wildcard function in VBA

    Hi, I am sure this question has appearered on numerous occasions.. Does anybody know if a wildcard function can be used within a VBA statement, For example:

    strOutLine = Left(strInLine, 0) & "&&" & Mid(strInLine, 1)
    ElseIf Left(strInLine, 7) = "LIN**AN" Then

    I have many different variations of "LIN**AN", such as "LIN**HN", "LIN**DN" etc so I need carry out different combinations of searches.

    Is there a simple function which can be used or will I need to create some kind of array?

    Thanks Ste

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    You can use the Like operator: result = string Like pattern
    Regular expressions can be used as a pattern (see Access Help).
    Have a nice day!

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    ElseIf Left(strInLine, 7) Like "LIN*" Or Left(strInLine, 7) Like "*AN" .... etc Then
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