I am a relative newbie to this site, stumbled upon in persuit of an Xtree solution. Hopefully somebody can help.

I have in MS Access a subform with an xTree object. It displays a location heirarchy (locnid, ParentLocId & LocnName) and does the job well. What I can't do is identify the Primary key (LocnId) value for the current record. I want to bring this value out onto my higher level form (into a text box) so that I can use it to control the contents of items (in another subform) which are linked to this location. This is proving a real challenge.

I am using Xtree since it is free but I suspect that it is old and limited, however, my VB skills are not that good although my MS Access skills are quite proficient.

I will be very greaful if somebody understands what I am trying to achieve and has a solution to this.

Kind Regards