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    Unanswered: Looking for help in the basic layout of a DB to catalogue books

    Hello all,

    I'm hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right direction as I've been going in circles trying to plan this.

    I use MS Access 97

    I collect and restore ex-military radio and communications equipment. As a consequence, I also collect the various manuals/handbooks/partslists that go with the equipment and I want to design a database that will catalogue these books. Often, a radio will have a multitude of manuals assigned to it including User, Parts Lists and various levels of repair. To compound things, some radios have a multitude of accessories that may be covered in the radio’s manual and/or have their own manuals.

    I currently used a database table to list everything I have in the library. The fields include Equipment (e.g the radio or accessory), Info (whether it’s an original, photocopy or PDF), Year published, Type of manual, and Location (which magazine holder its in on the shelves or CDR number for electronic files). The table is sorted by the Equipment field.

    To search for a particular manual, I manually scan down the Equipment field until I find what I am looking for. This means that every manual that concerns a particular piece of equipment must have a similar entry in the Equipment field so that they are grouped together. This is getting quite cumbersome.

    What I would like to put together is a DB, incorporating the existing table (probably modified) where a query on a particular equipment item will result in a list of all manuals associated with it (inclusive of the above mentioned fields. Obviously I would need a Query facility as well as an Entry facility to enter new manuals as they come to hand.

    Although I have limited knowledge of relational databases, I do have a very comprehensive manual on MS Access 97 so I can create the various elements of the DB once I have a basic knowledge of what tables I need and how to reference them to each other.

    Can someone please give me some pointers on how to put together a basic framework.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks


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    If what you want to do is searching for something is several columns of a table, you can create a query such as:
    SELECT CF_DATA.SysCounter
    WHERE ((([Field1] & [Field2] & [Field3]) Like "*something*"))
    Here SysCounter is the primary key of the table CF_DATA and we look for the word "something" in the columns Field1, Field2 and Field3.
    Have a nice day!

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    Many thanks

    Many thanks for the help, Sinndho. Searching multiple columns will help immensly. Sorry for the delay in replying - had some family problems since I posted my request.


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