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    Unanswered: Access won't show any formatting images?

    Hi. I have a database which started off as the Issues database by microsoft, using the default "Office" autoformat. This has some picture as a background for the header etc and makes everything look a bit nicer.

    I was playing around with some vba and then I crashed it. When I started it up again, none of the images to do with formatting show up! even icons on buttons are not shown.

    I've tried loading a backup database and the same happens which means it's to do with access, not my database.

    What did I do?

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    No idea - tried system restore?
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    Solved! looked at system restore and said it made a restore point while i was working to install some graphics drivers. Apparently they install themselves these days.

    was working remotely and must have gone to 16 colour mode.


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