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    Question Unanswered: Validation Rule for Text Field


    I have a text field and i don't want users to enter the Characters (#) Or (") Meaning no pound signs and no quotation marks. How can i achieve this. I've played with the validation rule example: <> # or ", but it doesn't work fore its give an error and any characters entered.

    Any feedback would be very helpful.


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    You trying to do this on the table level or form level?

    I'd handle it at form level, and rather than having a validation message come up having the user have to respond to it, interrupting the flow of data entry, I'd simply strip the forbidden characters after the data was entered.

    Private Sub FieldName_AfterUpdate()
     Me.FieldName = Replace(Me.FieldName, Chr(34), "")
     Me.FieldName = Replace(Me.FieldName, Chr(35), "")
    End Sub
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    Hope this helps!

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    Smile Validation Rule

    Thanks A lot, it works! I appreciate you taking your time out. Have a great Day!

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