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    Unanswered: Move oracle database to another server-Developer role


    I have been asked to come up with pro's (and con's) of moving an oracle database to another server. Here is the detail. We have 2 databases supporting an application, one server (production)has application db and on other QA server is the in-house DB(with 2 schema -production schema and other schema for in-house QA db ) . Now there is a plan to move in-house production db to production server because of performance issues on QA server.(QA server has other databses supporting other applications).
    Using DB links from in-house DB to application db on prod server, had caused lot of performance issues, we want to streamline the process and improve overall efficiency, so we are planning to move.

    But as an ora developer what should I consider. I understand that i need to change scripts etc etc , but what is that i should consider for this move?

    As a DBA(not yet, though I will eventually be ), My question is how to move a db with just one schema(export cmd specifying options??)). I need the database with other QA schema to remain on the QA server.

    as far as con's - security and audit are my main thoughts...any other thoughts?

    I am pretty new to these concepts although I have done some development related work, so i would like to know more about these?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

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    ALWAYS provide Operating System name & version for all systems involved.
    ALWAYS provide results from
    SELECT * from v$version
    for all DBs involved.

    It is a BAD idea to have Prod & QA on same server.
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    Yes , I understand its a bad thing to have QA and Prod on same server, thats why we are now moving the in-house Db to prod server as the application Db.

    BTw we are using orcale 10gR2 on UNIX.

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