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    Unanswered: Stored procedure efficiency

    I have a stored procedure which executes several queries within it, assigns results to variables and then returns the variable values as a resultset (without going into too much detail, we have a list of people in a company and their spouse/dependents, each spouse/dependent has a status and type, the SP is doing analytics on this for a particular company).

    In large cases the procedure is taking 15+ seconds to execute so I commented out each query in it 1 by 1 and found that one of the queries when removed took the execution time down to 1 second. However, when I pull this query out verbatim including the variable declarations and run it by itself, it executes almost immediately with the desired result.

    I can post the query if needed but I wasn't sure if this is a common symptom of another problem. TIA.

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    have you done a SHOW PLAN on both?

    Maybe you need to force a recompile...have any of the tables or views used in the sproc changed since it was originally compiled?

    Are you using temp tables

    post the sproc and the table DDL, with it's indexes

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