I am using:
Access 2007
Postgresql 8.4
both DBs on the same Vista Business computer

I am trying to create an ER diagram of an existing Postgresql database by using Access 2007.

I like the style of the ERDs that Access creates. I can create similar style diagrams using Open Office Base also but there is no print functionality in Base (screenshot is not acceptable). I am not sure if I can print out the diagram from Access either.

I am able to link to the Postgresql database and show the tables in the relationship and query views of Access but the relationships between the tables do not show up (with the exception of one table in the query view).

I am using the psqlODBC driver to link Access and Postgresql.

Is there a way of getting these ERDs using Access and printing them or should I be looking for another option?
I do not want to buy any additional software for this and I want the ERDs to show the relationship lines going to the actual fields that link together.