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    Unanswered: Updation problem

    Hi, im having a prb in my code i dont knw where as i run this code it doesnt gve any error but doesnt perform any action, but when i run the same query in analyzer it works , it updates the table,
    whats the prb with code or wht ?? need help pls

    string updateAsset="update hd_asset set issue='1',Qty='1' where asset_reg_no='"+ddlRegNo.SelectedItem.Text+"'";

    DataSet dsupdateAsset = dbservice.GetDataSet(CommandType.Text, updateAsset, "tblupdateasset");

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    Obviously the problem is in your front-end code, not your SQL code.
    Were you calling a stored procedure to do this update rather than accessing the table directly (a bad practice), the error would be simpler to track down.
    But I suspect that value being submitted as ddlRegNo.SelectedItem.Text is not what you expect it to be. Your SQL statement is extremely simple.
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