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Thread: Shrinking a Db

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    Unanswered: Shrinking a Db

    I need to increase the size of the Database for a Software upgrade but once complete i want to load database dumps from this Conversion Server to a production Server. with a smaller database i.e the original size so the data will fit.

    can I do this

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    Basically, no.

    If you need the space in the db, you need the space in the production db.
    There is an undocumented and unsupported method, of performing brain surgery on the server internal tables; if you make a mistake, it corrupts the entire server (not just the database you were performing surgery on), and you have to load master database, etc. Therefore that method is only for people who are used to surgery, understand the internal synchronisation issues, etc; and have tested it thoroughly on a test server, scripted the change, etc. Therefore I will not post the method in a pubic forum.

    Even if I were to do it myself, I would not try it in production unless:
    Change Management is advised of the recovery time required if it fails
    Sybase Tech Support is on the line while I am doing it.
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    You can try utilizing
    1) defncopy(stored proc)/ddlgen(tables) for schema out. run the scripts against prodserver...dbname.
    2) BCP out the data at OS level , ftp the data files...BCP in the data.

    This will work..
    Sybase DBA-Consultant

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