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    Unanswered: Help on counting "if" in Access

    I am NOT a DB person, just create my own using the canned product. I am trying to create a chart using totals, which is easy, except that I want to divide the totals by certain numbers depending on certain things. I went into the design view and tried the following in a blank column:

    Expr1: IIf([Error Source]="HR",((COUNT([Error Source]))/800)),IIf([Error Source]="Payroll",((COUNT([Error Source]))/800)),IIf([Error Source]="Retail Manager",((COUNT([Error Source]))/500)))

    I got an error about quotation marks needing to be around all text. I am not sure that the expression would work anyway. I was going to try using the Totals Row as "Count", but couldn't figure how to get that count figure into my IIF expression.

    Hope this makes sense- first time I have posted.

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    Check those brackets! lol


    Expr1: IIf([Error Source]="HR",COUNT([Error Source])/800,IIf([Error Source]="Payroll",COUNT([Error Source])/800,IIf([Error Source]="Retail Manager",COUNT([Error Source])/500)))
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