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    Cool Unanswered: Splitting one record to 2 records

    Hi there,

    I have a database that has field "location".

    In the field shows the following for one record:


    Which mean: In location 203 a qty 3 of an item and the same item in location 204 qty 7.

    I want to break that field at the "~" and have two records.

    Item location qty
    box 203 3
    box 204 7

    Can someone help on this.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hahaahahaaa! 203:4 means in location 203 a quantity of 3?? lol

    Ah, a funny day at dbforums today! Or is it me? ^^

    Anyway, to do that you would need to run some VBA to generate the appropriate records... possibly into a temporary table.
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    It's simple to code a VBA sub to turn this record into many, but it would be better to correct the database design (if that's an option open to you). You ought to move the location information into a separate table, keyed on item and location.
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