Devart announced the release of dbForge Query Builder for MySQL v 1.10, a professional tool for quick creation of any queries without code and extended management of query results. The highlights of Query Builder for MySQL v 1.10 include:
Unlimited database connectivity
To provide more flexibility, dbForge Query Builder for MySQL v 1.10 offers two more approaches to connect to a database in addition to a direct connection. When you can't connect to the MySQL Server directly or need secure transmitting of private data, you can leverage secure connections based on SSL and SSH protocols.
The latest version takes care about web developers working with remote databases and offers HTTP tunneling with simple tunneling script uploading to the web site. Employment of remote connections becomes as simple as local ones. No need to remember multi-step procedures using other tools.
Efficient traffic consumption
In contrast to the prior version dbForge Query Builder for MySQL 1.10 reduced network traffic up to several times for performing such common tasks as opening connections, managing tables and views, retrieving data from tables, etc. This optimization makes possible to use dbForge Query Builder for MySQL in cases of traffic limitations.
Support of correlated sub-queries
While building or executing queries, you can use correlated sub-queries and be sure they are evaluated correctly.
Optimized approach in working with large SQL scripts
dbForge Query Builder for MySQL 1.10 provides a special Execute Script Wizard to enable quick and convenient execution of large SQL scripts without waiting for their opening in the editor. It takes only to select the script and enjoy the executed result.
The dbForge Query Builder for MySQL license costs as little as $49.95. To learn more, download trial edition or order a license please visit Devart site:
MySQL Query Builder tool to build, execute queries. Visual diagram, subquery building, data management
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