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    Unanswered: Paradox query reference field value in same table

    I would appreciate any help with the following Paradox 12 problem.

    I need to reference another field value in the same table in my query but don't know the syntax. To keep it simple. Say I have a table named tbl_cost.db with fields cost1 and cost2. I want my query to display only those records where cost1 is greater than cost2. The simple > cost2 in cost1 doesn't work. I have also tried numerous combinations such as below.

    | cost1
    > tbl_cost.db.cost2

    > tbl_cost.db."cost2"

    > tbl_cost.db.["cost2"]

    > tbl_cost.db.[cost2]

    > [tbl_cost.db].[cost2]

    > ([tbl_cost.db].[cost2])

    > (tbl_cost.db."cost2")

    > ([tbl_cost.db].["cost2"])

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    you have to learn how to use example elements.. same table and/or different table, same concept..

    manaually, it's the F5 key.. in code, it's the underscore.. example:

    | cost-1 | cost-2|
    | _a | > _a |
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    Thank you. That was just what I needed.

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