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    Unanswered: MS Access Multirow insert....

    I am trying do a simple insert into several tables. the information is for Demo mode. so when the user is in demo mode i want to add/dump some rows of into multiple tables. currently i am doing this one row at a time.
    insert into table1 values (.....)
    insert into table1 values (.....)
    What is the proper syntax for adding all the rows in one sql command.

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    If you are specifying the values to be put in the row and not appending data from another query or table then you have to do it one row at a time. But you can put a loop around the SQL to execute it several times.

    For i=1 to 10
       strSQL="Blah Blah"
       DoCmd. RunSQL strSQL
    Next i
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    If the data is all the same, do what DCK said, if the data is different for each record, keep doing what you're doing.
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