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    Unanswered: About dbisql

    Hello everybody,

    I am not able to run dbisql on command prompt. It is giving me error as 'dbisql is not recognized as an internal or exernal command, operable program or batch file.'

    Also I am not able to get the option 'Sybase Central'/'Interactive SQL' in Start menu Program\SQL 11 Anywhere folder.

    What should I do so as to run Interactive SQL on my pc?

    Thanks and Regards,

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    for using isql(this is located in ....sybase/OCS-15-0/bin)
    as my knowledge, first you hv to set the envnment variables
    for that, u jst need to run

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    Hi Shubhangi,
    If you are working on Unix paltform then check the invoirenment variables as below
    echo $SYBASE
    echo $SYBASE_ASE
    echo $PATH

    check the output if these variables are set correctly. If not then please set them appropriatly in your .profile file and execute the .profile file and again check the above envoirenment variables and then try the dbisql command. You can also check for the path of any OS command by which <command> and type <command> OS commands.

    Ishu Srivastava

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