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    Unanswered: Table Design for repeated event

    hello hi,

    i am new to mysql and i have a question about designing a table.

    I need to create a table to store students' class schedule.
    For example,
    studentA has class on every monday
    etc etc.

    Apart from simply storing their class schedule, there will also be a php form to update students' schedule.
    For example,
    studentA will not have class on 19.Oct.2009 (monday), but he will have class on 21.Oct.2009 (wednesday), after that, he will resume to have class on next monday again (on 26.oct.2009)

    So the question is, i am thinking how my database should be designed. I am thinking to store every monday in the table.

    Student  Date
    studentA 2009-09-28
    studentA 2009-10-05
    studentA 2009-10-12
    studentA 2009-10-19
    studentA 2009-10-26
    stutentA 2009-11-02
    studentA 2009-11-09
    the good thing is it is easy to update schedule (including deleting date that i don't need and add new ones)
    but the disadvantage is i don't know how many entries i should create because the class supposed to run every monday.

    May i ask if anybody has a better idea how this should be designed? or better way to accomplish this?

    Thanks a lot.

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    a student signs up for a course
    a course is held on certain dates
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    hi healdem,

    thanks for your reply.
    actually it is a bit different with normal course schedule because the class itself opens everyday and students are welcomed to join on any days.

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