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    Unanswered: Sybase 12.5 performance problem ?


    I've a problem with my Sybase (ASE 12.5). When executing some jobs like dumping the DB, dumping transaction logs and clearing some history tables it starts responding very slowly.

    How can I check quickly how this DB can be tuned (I suspect it just works using default config or just slightly modified). The idea is to check both : the HW/OS (sar, iostat,vmstat, etc ... ) and DB.
    I'm not experienced Sybase admin, and what I've already found is "sp_sysmon". I'm going to run it twice (in normal conditions and under bigger load - mentioned above) and compare the results.

    Do you think such results from "sp_sysmon" will show where is the problem?
    Maybe someone can suggest better way to find the what causes the DB responding slowly?

    Is there a kind of "algorithm" that should be followed if one wants to improve DB performance?

    What are the typical causes of poor Sybase DB performace?

    Thanks in advance and Regards,

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    check the below things

    1)check the shared memory utilization.
    2) Check the RUN Server file of Backup server.
    3) Check that there is any new configuration/application at the OS level..which is having high CPU and I/O activities.
    4) Check there is any configuration at OS level.

    Best Regards,
    Sybase DBA-Consultant

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    Hi ,
    As u told "(I suspect it just works using default config or just slightly modified)" , so u can check with sysmon cache utilisation particularly cache misses fr high value .with which u can conclude tht u are nt having enough cache fr processing.

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