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    Unhappy Unanswered: Can't find unique records, max values

    Help, please. Have worked with Paradox 9 for a number of yrs, creating fundraising tracking for local private school. Have never done programming with it, but use various queries, linked tables, etc. THis is volunteer stuff. Problem: Unkeyed table with Members (ID#), 1 record for each year of giving with Amt1 and Amt2. I want to pull out one record per ID# for the year with the highest total giving (Amt1 + Amt2) of the records. Cannot figure out how to get the highest amount out of multiple records for each member. Would love to be able to do this is in one step rather than multiple queries. And can I also link it to the Master Table to get names and addresses for that Member Id? Thanks.

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    asked and answered on the paradox community forum..
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