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    Unanswered: create views on different schema

    Hi all I created a different schema for the users so they can create views and sps without messing up anything. but I am curious as to how do I alter the views to the new schema..instead of dbo. would be users. Also do I need to change the tables to the users schmea also??

    ALTER VIEW dbo.[People_TanfActivity_view]
    SELECT     dbo.People_tbl.[Parent ID], dbo.People_tbl.[Family ID], dbo.People_tbl.StudentID, dbo.People_tbl.[Referral Location], dbo.People_tbl.[Referral Date], 
                          dbo.People_tbl.[Registration Date], dbo.People_tbl.[Student First Name], dbo.People_tbl.[Student Last Name], dbo.People_tbl.[Student SS#], 
                          dbo.People_tbl.[Student Sex], dbo.People_tbl.Grade, dbo.People_tbl.Age, dbo.People_tbl.[Student Date of Birth], dbo.People_tbl.[Event ID], 
                          dbo.People_tbl.StudentZip, dbo.People_tbl.StudentState, dbo.People_tbl.StudentAddress, dbo.People_tbl.StudentCity, dbo.People_tbl.Phone, 
                          dbo.People_tbl.Message, dbo.People_tbl.Adult_Child, dbo.People_tbl.State, dbo.People_tbl.SSID, dbo.People_tbl.TANF, dbo.People_tbl.Weekly, 
                          dbo.People_tbl.Month, dbo.People_tbl.ReferralStatus, dbo.TanfActivity_tbl.EventDate, dbo.TanfActivity_tbl.[Type of Contact], 
                          dbo.TanfActivity_tbl.[Referral Date] AS Expr1, dbo.TanfActivity_tbl.[Purpose of Contact], dbo.TanfActivity_tbl.[Earned hours], 
                          dbo.TanfActivity_tbl.[Catagory for hours], dbo.TanfActivity_tbl.[Services Covered], dbo.TanfActivity_tbl.[State Catagory], 
                          dbo.TanfActivity_tbl.[State Services Covered], dbo.TanfActivity_tbl.Month AS Expr2, dbo.TanfActivity_tbl.Week, 
    FROM         dbo.People_tbl INNER JOIN
                          dbo.TanfActivity_tbl ON dbo.People_tbl.[Parent ID] = dbo.TanfActivity_tbl.[Parent ID]

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    alter schema <new_schema> transfer dbo.People_TanfActivity_view
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