hi gurus,
i have trouble compiling a c style program ( filename with extension cpp) written for visual C++.
When i added the following #includes,
>>> #include "spi.h"
>>> #include "trigger.h"
compilation errors say "error C2899: typename cannot be used outside a template declaration".
I need the above includes for postgres triggers.

If the above #includes were removed, leaving behind
>>>#include "postgres.h"
>>>#include "fmgr.h"
then there is no compilation error.

A check on msdn reveals that the error is because in visual c++, the word "typename" is a keyword.
Unfortunately, it happens ( coincidence) that postgres also uses the word "typename" in its header files, as in below -
typedef struct ColumnDef
NodeTag type;
char *colname; /* name of column */
TypeName *typename; /* type of column */

I have thought of making visual c++ of not recognizing "typename" as a keyword, say, by turning some compiler options to forced c mode ( rather than c++).
Is there indeed such an option? If not, is there a way to resolve my problem as described above?