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    Unanswered: db2 restore problem

    Hi guys,
    I am using db2 9.5 on aix platform .
    I have two databases under the same instance .

    I am trying to restore a a backup of one db into other .

    after restoring using command
    restore source_db taken at timestamp_backup into target_db .

    the tablespaces of target db becomes unusable andf goes into backup pending state.

    my tablespace def is as follows :

    source FILE '/tmp/db2inst1/DSCPTEST/data1/SCPRT_TS1_3.dat' 25600,
    FILE '/tmp/db2inst1/DSCPTEST/data1/SCPRT_TS1_4.dat' 25600)

    target :

    FILE '/home/db2inst1/db2inst1/DSCPIST/data1/SCPRT_TS1_1.dat' 38400,
    FILE '/home/db2inst1/db2inst1/DSCPIST/data1/SCPRT_TS1_2.dat' 38400,
    FILE '/tmp/db2inst1/DSCPIST/data1/SCPRT_TS1_3.dat' 25600,
    FILE '/tmp/db2inst1/DSCPIST/data1/SCPRT_TS1_4.dat' 25600)

    Please advice how to proceed


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    use/google redirected restore.... and be carefull (as you noticed) the way you work now leads to desctruction of your tablespaces because you overwrite them
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