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    Unanswered: Odd errors after dropping indexed views

    Environment... SQL 2008. Database in 80 compatibility mode. Don't ask.

    So in phase one of this project, I handled a number of schema changes and some new data filtering requirements with indexed views to largely mask the change to hundreds of reporting procs.

    Now I am working on the oltp changes in my stand alone dev environment and I dropped my indexed views because in production, my reporting operations and my OLTP operations are on 2 different machines and the indexed views can not reside on my OLTP server due to the degradation on replication performance.

    So the views have been dropped but now I am getting errors about my SET OPTIONS (QOUTED_IDENTIFIER etc...) from the stored procedures that update and insert the base tables that the now missing indexed views were referencing.

    These errors I would totally expect if the views were there, but now they are gone. The procs still think they are there. Is there anyway to clear these errors other than reapplying my stored procedures with the proper SET options or chqanging the way the application connects to the SQL Server?
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