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    Unanswered: Lookup wizard, merging columns

    Dear All,

    I have a main table (Hoofdlijst). And a sub table combustion.
    I have used the lookup wizard to connect the two tables.

    When I make a query ->>

    SELECT Hoofdlijst.Combustion_1, Hoofdlijst.Combustion_2, [Hoofdlijst.Combustion_1] & " - " & [Hoofdlijst.Combustion_2] AS Combustion
    FROM Hoofdlijst, Combustion
    WHERE [Hoofdlijst.Combustion_1]=[Combustion].[ID_combustion];

    Combustion_1 Combustion_2 Combustion
    Coffee grounds Fuel 18 8
    Woodwaste Sanderdust 22 23
    Natural Gas 1
    Fuel Natural Gas 8 1

    I have read that there is a problem with the lookup wizard, but I have no idea to solve my problem

    I would like to have in one column:
    "Coffee grounds - Fuel"
    "Woodwaste - Sanderdust"
    "Natural Gas"
    "Fuel - Natural Gas"

    Can some one point / help, me to the workaround of that lookup wizard problem.

    Many thanks,

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    the problem is the inbuilt 'lookup' wizard in Access JET. if you have defined two tables then you don't have that problem as you haven't used the lookup wizard.

    if you define the relationship (RI link between the two tables then its even easier
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    Do you have a small example that shows the solution, because I don't see it.

    I have removed the lookup and changed to textboxes.
    My result is now only the ID numbers.


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