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    Unanswered: conflict between auto save&close macro and show/hide sheets macro


    I am trying to make a save&close workbook macro.

    I found several examples on google, but unfortunatly it conflicts with another macro I use for forceing users to enable macros (hide all sheets except one if macros are disabled).

    The attached file is an example contaning the save&close code and the show/hide sheets depending on macros enabled (change .txt to .xls).

    If the file is opened with macros disabled then only one sheet will be visible.
    If the file is opened with macros enabled other sheets are visible.

    The problem if that this code uses a custom save, witch makes the save&close not save... (in module1 and in ThisWorkbook)

    The pourpose of the save&close is to make sure some users don't forget the excel open and thus block access to it. So if a certain idle time passes excel has to save and close without any confirmation messages.

    Can anyone please help me adjust the code in the attached file so that it saves before auto closing?

    Thank you

    p.s: I raised the same problem with no success so far here:
    and here:
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    Have you tried stepping through the processes? That can sometimes show where problems occur.
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